Why Naltrexone Is Key To Successful Rapid Opiate Detox

Naltrexone Implant For Treating Opioid Addiction 2

Naltrexone is a Key Part of Our Rapid Opiate Detox Procedure and Here’s Why:

Known for providing intense highs, opiates such as heroin, OxyContin, and Fentanyl are all powerful painkillers that can almost instantly transform the most naive of users into addicts.  One drug, Naltrexone, has been used successfully to almost immediately counteract the euphoric effects of opiates and has been highly effective when used in conjunction with rapid opiate detox programs. Find out why rapid opiate detox therapy programs rely on Naltrexone to help their patients lose their cravings for opiates.


The Dangers Of Opiates And The Strong Pull Of Opiate Cravings

Many people who begin using opiates as prescriptions for medical purposes are unaware of their highly addictive nature and may not even realize that their bodies and brains are quickly craving more and more of the drug as they build a tolerance to the effects. Detoxing from an opiate addiction presents strong challenges and dangers. For the safest and most effective results, and in order to obtain the latest methods for detox, many patients turn to professional opiate detox facilities.


Coming Clean Presents Challenges

When addicts are faced with the realization that it is time to come off their opiate addiction, many are discouraged by the idea of enduring the symptoms of withdrawal. Withdrawal from opiates can be painful, grueling, and difficult, at best so for many addicts, going at it cold turkey is not something to be taken lightly.  Because addiction to opiates is so powerful, the challenge of detoxing from opiates is best attempted under proper professional medical supervision.


Rapid Detox For Opiate Addiction

One very effective form of detox is medically supervised rapid opiate detoxification. This method of detox involves sedating patients to allow them to avoid experiencing the difficult and painful withdrawal phase that often discourages users from even attempting to detox.  Patients awaken having lost their cravings and reportedly, with more mental clarity. During rapid opiate detox, doctors use Naltrexone to help block the strong euphoric effects of opiates.


Naltrexone Is Key In Rapid Opiate Detox

Naltrexone is successful at almost immediately blocking all the endorphin receptors that are responsible in giving opiate users their euphoric high. During the rapid opiate detox method, Naltrexone is administered to patients to detach any opiates that are remaining in their bodies from their receptors to free them from the effects of opiates. With very few major side effects, Naltrexone is ideal for use in rapid detoxification for both immediate and long-term care.


Follow Up Care Can Involve Naltrexone

One of the benefits of Naltrexone is that it can be helpful and administered to patients once they are released from a rapid opiate detox facility. A slow-release formulation of Naltrexone, usually an implant under the skin, gives the patient a constant effect of Naltrexone for several weeks. This type of follow-up therapy has been found to be highly effective in immediately blocking the euphoric effects of opiate use if the patient attempts to relapse.


Rapid Opiate Detox For Quick and Safe Recovery

Did you know that rapid opiate detox can have you back to work in only 3 to 4 days? Advanced Rapid Detox has perfected the rapid opiate detox therapy program and our medical facility sees a very high success rate with our rapid opiate detox patients. To learn more about how Advanced Rapid Detox can have you living your life without the constant strain of addiction, call our team today at 888-637-6968.



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