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From Grateful Patients


From Patients who Successfully completed our Rapid Detox Program


“Thank you everyone up there. Ya’ll saved me! I will do anything in the world for you. Everyday I wake up without drugs I cry. I swear on my son. I was the worst dope fiend drug addict you would’ve ever met. Now all I do is try to figure out how to save the few remaining friends I have left. This is coming from a person who used to shoot $300-$500,000 a year on heroin. I wish I would have found you all 20 years ago! Dr. Aharonov and all of the staff there are Angels! You guys saved this old school junkie. Now I can be a daddy and help people as much as I can.”
– Heroin Free (Maryland)

“Can I please have a list of all the nurses that took care of me. There was one that I can’t for the life of me remember her name but she is an angel from God. She consoled me at my weakest moment always made sure I was covered up and even massages my legs for me. None of which she was obligated to do. The whole staff is amazing but she stood out. It’s so crazy down here I’m a highly respected CEO of a huge company but I’d been locked in my own jail hell for 2 years. I hope and pray my mind and strength return as I feel not me right now but I’m going to give it my damnedest that’s for sure. If it wasn’t for you Laura, and your welcoming words I never would have made this decision. God bless you and your fellow employees, you haven’t heard the last of me. I will be starting a foundation that will pay the expenses for people who just don’t have a way out. I would like to talk more about it in the future with doc, you and Ben on how to go about this. I’m lucky that I’ve been very very successful at a young age and can afford this. There are just so many people trapped because they don’t have the means and I want to help people get off this wicked ride.”
– Fentanyl Free (North Carolina)

“I can’t thank the staff and Dr at Advanced Rapid Detox enough!!! I was addicted to Heroin and tried everything to stop, but wasn’t successful. I spoke with the staff and set up an appt to have rapid detox done. Honestly I was scared and thought how is this going to stop me from using? However the process was painless I didn’t have any discomfort and have now been sober for over a month like I can’t tell you the last time I was sober! The after care is great they are always there for you and making sure you are on the right track. I can’t thank this team enough you changed my life I now have a full time job and wake up every morning thankful for everything they have done for me and keep doing even after treatment! I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND this amazing Dr. and her team of AMAZING professionals to help you get clean and lead a healthy and sober life! Thank you Advanced Rapid Detox team!”
– Heroin Free (Ohio)

“Advanced Rapid Detox; I want to begin this open letter by stating that ARD is saving lives every day. The treatment they provide is bar none. The staff are all phenomenal. I began my journey with them on Dec. 18th, where I met Ben, the clinical director, and Laura, the intake director. Both of which were extremely positive and instrumental to my success in this program. I could not be happier with how the process went. The staff were attentive, supportive, and most importantly extremely positive, where everywhere else treats addiction as a crime, as though you are a criminal. ARD treats people like the human beings we are. The outpouring of love and support from the staff is evident from the medical assistants all the way to the Anesthesiologist, Dr. Aharonov. I am extremely grateful to them for my new life and all of the positive adventures I will be pursuing. Thank you for everything, ARD. Please, continue saving lives and doing the phenomenal work you do! A million times Thank You! Sincerely, An extremely grateful patient.”
– Oxycodone Free (Florida)

“The world needs to know about your detox. It cured me! The end of next month will be 1 year sober for me. It’s nothing short of a miracle and I owe it all to you guys. I am so grateful I have my life back!”
– Pain Pill Free (Texas)

“Honestly, I cannot thank all you guys enough. Seriously, it is amazing how I feel and to think I was shooting up 6.5 days ago just blows my mind. Tell the doctor thank you again for me plz. You guys are the reason I’m still alive! I OD’d the first time Monday morning b4 I came to you guys…”
– Heroin Free (Michigan)

“I was like you; a functioning highly respected part of the community. But, I was in jail (in my mind) I needed to know where the pills were that I couldn’t go without. Everyday I would get up and the first thing on my mind was the allotment for the day. Now, because of ARD I am out of jail! Free from the need of narcotics, and the feeling of helplessness that goes from using opioids. The team of Dr. Aharonov, Laura and Ben are amazing. Laura makes you feel like you are wanted and always follows up days and weeks later. Ben is a rock!! He stands by your side and coaches you through. Dr. Aharonov is the type of Dr. that we all need. She gets you clean. ARD is head and shoulders the best!! Because of ARD I have my life and more importantly my family back”!!
– Oxycodone Free (Georgia)

“If you want to get better and be done with your addiction plight … this is the place to go. Advanced Rapid Detox is one stop shopping, for knowledge, compassion, understanding, personal care, … they do it all and they do it well. From your first contact, whether email, txt or phone, all the way through days past your departure, Advanced Rapid Detox is there for you. Their process, methodology, facility and atmosphere covers the full scope of what someone would want to successfully get through any addiction detox program. People pick specialists, for life threatening ailments, surgeries, diagnosis, etc. Advanced Rapid Detox are the “specialists” when it comes to being treated for addiction. They will help you. They will cure you”.
– Suboxone Free (Maryland)

“One of the most disappointing things was that My doctor tricked me. I was taking pain pills for years and my doctor told me that if he put me on Suboxone, I would only have to stay on it for a little while and he would taper me off. But the truth is that he kept me on it and almost refused to take me off it.
I felt so powerless. Here I was a grown woman 50 years old and the thing that my doctor said would cure me, was running my life and the life of my family. Then I found advanced rapid detox on the computer. And from the first time I called I felt totally comfortable, I like that it was all done in the hospital and the staff was excellent and the people treated me with the upmost respect. I was terrified of going through withdrawals but I don’t really remember any of it.
Now I have my life back and I would suggest this treatment to anyone looking to be there old self again. Much love to Dr. Julia, and Ben and Laura. Xo”
– Suboxone Free (Ohio)

“I am enjoying everything life has to offer. I am back to the husband and father my family deserves. When I make promises, I keep them. When I say I’ll do something, consider it done. I can sleep at night and when I wake up in the morning, I look forward to starting my day. In addition to making the right choices, It feels great to be trusted and relied on once again. I’ve come to the realization that everyday is a gift”.
– Opiate Free (California)

“Doing well so far. Thanks for everything! Please send the entire crew my deepest thanks and gratitude. Sucking it up. Work is tough but will conquer”.
– Vicodin Free (Connecticut)

“The staff in this program go above and beyond their duties.I would recommend this program above all others because it works and the continuous service after the procedure. They genuinely care that you return to the path of normal life”.
– Opiate Free (New York)

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