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From Grateful Patients


From Patients who Successfully completed our Rapid Detox Program


“I was like you; a functioning highly respected part of the community. But, I was in jail (in my mind) I needed to know where the pills were that I couldn’t go without. Everyday I would get up and the first thing on my mind was the allotment for the day. Now, because of ARD I am out of jail! Free from the need of narcotics, and the feeling of helplessness that goes from using opioids. The team of Dr. Aharonov, Laura and Ben are amazing. Laura makes you feel like you are wanted and always follows up days and weeks later. Ben is a rock!! He stands by your side and coaches you through. Dr. Aharonov is the type of Dr. that we all need. She gets you clean. ARD is head and shoulders the best!! Because of ARD I have my life and more importantly my family back”!!

– Oxycodone (Georgia)

“If you want to get better and be done with your addiction plight … this is the place to go. Advanced Rapid Detox is one stop shopping, for knowledge, compassion, understanding, personal care, … they do it all and they do it well. From your first contact, whether email, txt or phone, all the way through days past your departure, Advanced Rapid Detox is there for you. Their process, methodology, facility and atmosphere covers the full scope of what someone would want to successfully get through any addiction detox program. People pick specialists, for life threatening ailments, surgeries, diagnosis, etc. Advanced Rapid Detox are the “specialists” when it comes to being treated for addiction. They will help you. They will cure you”.

– Suboxone (Maryland)

“One of the most disappointing things was that My doctor tricked me. I was taking pain pills for years and my doctor told me that if he put me on Suboxone, I would only have to stay on it for a little while and he would taper me off. But the truth is that he kept me on it and almost refused to take me off it.

I felt so powerless. Here I was a grown woman 50 years old and the thing that my doctor said would cure me, was running my life and the life of my family. Then I found advanced rapid detox on the computer. And from the first time I called I felt totally comfortable, I like that it was all done in the hospital and the staff was excellent and the people treated me with the upmost respect. I was terrified of going through withdrawals but I don’t really remember any of it.

Now I have my life back and I would suggest this treatment to anyone looking to be there old self again. Much love to Dr. Julia, and Ben and Laura. Xo”

– Suboxone (Ohio)

“I am enjoying everything life has to offer. I am back to the husband and father my family deserves. When I make promises, I keep them. When I say I’ll do something, consider it done. I can sleep at night and when I wake up in the morning, I look forward to starting my day. In addition to making the right choices, It feels great to be trusted and relied on once again. I’ve come to the realization that everyday is a gift”.

– Opiates (California)

“Doing well so far. Thanks for everything! Please send the entire crew my deepest thanks and gratitude. Sucking it up. Work is tough but will conquer”.

– Vicodin (Connecticut)

“The staff in this program go above and beyond their duties.I would recommend this program above all others because it works and the continuous service after the procedure. They genuinely care that you return to the path of normal life”.

– Opiates (New York)

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