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    The Safest Place To Detox Is In A Hospital,
    Not in a Hotel Room!
    Private Room with 24/7 Expert Medical Care!
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    I was like you
    I needed to know where the pills were
    Everyday I would get up and the first thing
    on my mind was the allotment for the day....
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    Get your life back!
    a Healthier, Better Life Now
    We offer zero-interest financing for our
    rapid opiate detox procedure.
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    Start Living a Better Life
    Start on the Road to Recovery
    Our rapid opiate detox procedure is the key
    for the door to a better life.

What Our Patients Are Saying

Patients who got their lives back!

RAPID Suboxone®

Did a doctor or medical professional tell you that Suboxone® was the answer to your opiate addiction?


Our advanced rapid heroin detox process can have an enormous impact on your health and well being.


Let us help you –– free yourself from your addiction to Oxycodone® in a safe hospital setting!


With our advanced rapid Vicodin® detox treatment, patients are sedated by a board certified doctor.

Rapid Opiate & Heroin Detox Center

Advanced Rapid Detox, a division of Pontiac General Hospital, is operated by Dr. Julia Aharonov, a board-certified Anesthesiologist. Our mission is to provide superior drug addiction recovery services and aftercare for people afflicted with opiate addiction. Now, you can finally enjoy a second chance at being free from opiate dependence in a hospital setting with sedation assisted opiate detox performed by Board Certified, knowledgeable, and experienced physicians.

A Few Reasons Why Advanced Rapid Detox is the Best Drug Detox Center for You or a Loved One!

  • Safe-Fast 3-Day Opiate Detox – Treatment & Recovery all occur at our State-Of-The-Art Hospital.
  • Detox while Under Anesthesia.
  • Recover in a Private Room.
  • Free and Unlimited aftercare by your treating physician.
  • 0% Interest Financing offered.
  • A+ Rating from the BBB.
  • Go here to View the complete list of Why we're considered the Safest and Best Rapid Detox Center
after the successful rapid opiate detox procedure, a father, mother and child walk hand in hand through a field of knee high grass toward a body of water

Safe Rapid Opiate Detox – Get Your Life Back!

  • The caring doctors and addiction specialists at Advanced Rapid Detox will help and work with you.
  • Your road to recovery begins here and now.
  • Since 2007, we’ve helped hundreds of people from all over the world overcome opiate addiction.
  • Contact Us 24/7 and receive a free consultation and learn more about our opiate detox treatment under sedation.
  • We'll help you beat your opiate addiction.
  • We'll help you live without depending on heroin, pain pills, Suboxone® or Methadone or the fear of the withdrawals.

Please Call Now. We can help You!



Caring and Knowledgeable

Dr. Julia Aharonov, DO

CEO, Medical Director
Dr. Nagy Kheir, M.D.

Dr. Nagy Kheir, M.D.

Board-Certified Psychiatrist
laura solomon

Laura Solomon

Patient Services Director

Frieda Ferder

Registered Nurse

Alona Salita

Long Term Recovery Coordinator

Bonnie Brown

Registered Nurse

Ben Pankey

Clinical Director

Christopher Dengate

Critical Care Paramedic

George Long

Vivitrol Expert
Andrei Saakyan

Andrei Saakyan



Social Work Team


Social Work Team


Social Work Team


Social Work Team

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We have teamed up with M-Lend Financial to offer zero-interest financing for our rapid opiate detox procedure.

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