Rapid Heroin Detox


Detox from Heroin Safely & Comfortably in 3-Days

The benefits of our rapid heroin detox treatment can provide enormous rewards to your health and well being:

  • Get a fresh start
  • Find a sense of purpose
  • Live with the healthy body and mind you deserve
  • Reconnect with family, friends, loved ones and children
  • Find a sense of capability and self-esteem

Advanced Rapid Heroin Detox

Advanced Rapid Detox is the only rapid heroin detox center providing free and unlimited aftercare by a medical doctor. Call (800) 603-1813 to learn more about how we can help you beat your heroin addiction and physical dependence to heroin and opiates.

Rapid Heroin Detox

Cold Turkey Heroin Withdrawal Rarely Works

3 Behavior Traits of A Drug Addict

Heroin detox can be challenging and addicts can face numerous problems when trying to stop using the drug. Tapering off is often more difficult and not possible for an addict. During the detox process, patients can experience a period of physical pain, cravings, fever, insomnia, severe depression, shakes, and withdrawal as they come off the drug. Some of this may cause an addict to relapse so they can find relief for their discomfort.

Heroin Detoxification Under Sedation

Detoxification from heroin can be achieved by putting a patient under anesthesia for about 4-6 hours while Vivitrol® is administered that can block physical dependency to heroin is then administered into the body.

Vivitrol® for Craving Control

Vivitrol® is a medication that flushes all of the opiates from the brain’s receptors and is used to treat relapse in people dependent on heroin. This is a highly successful and relatively painless opiate detoxification technique but it can cause extreme shock to a patient’s system, so needs to be administered correctly.

Heroin Health & Safety Concerns

Heroin is commonly “cut” with a wide variety of fillers to either bulk up the dealers profit or increase the potency and often both. Fentanyl is a prescription opiate that is being manufactured in illegal labs in the same places that heroin is made. There have been numerous overdose deaths associated with Fentanyl-laced heroin in the United States, as well as other countries around the world.

Find out if Rapid Heroin Detox is right for you by picking up a phone right now and calling:

(800) 603-1813

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