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Rapid Detox Under Anesthesia

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Board Certified Anesthesiologist Developed & Perfected Rapid Opiate Detox Procedure

Our Medical Doctor and Anesthesiologist, Dr. Julia Aharonov has perfected an advanced form of rapid drug detoxification that offers a safe way to remove opioids from your body in just 3 days. Our patients are placed under a light sedation which allows them to detox from opioids without the intense pain that is associated with most drug withdrawals. There are a number of other sedation assisted drug detox programs out there, however, most of them are not performed within a hospital.

The Best Opioid Detox Center in the United States helping patients end their addictions. Specializing in heroin detox, suboxone detox and all other opiate drug addictions. Call us today and get your life back!

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Why is it important to have an Anesthetic drug detoxification procedure performed in a hospital?

Being put under anesthesia is a serious medical procedure and as with any serious medical procedure, being in a hospital setting is the safest place to be if there are ever any complications. Our team of expert doctors believe that your life is important enough to complete your opiate drug detox procedure inside a hospital, where your safety and well being are placed above profits.


If you’re serious enough about getting off of opiates, don’t risk your life by going with the cheapest detox service who might operate out of an office building, then hours later drops you off at a hotel where you detox unsupervised and miles away from a hospital or your doctor. Who do you call if you are having any problems? If you desire safe and positive results, then choosing Advanced Rapid Detox will be an easy decision.

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Tired of the pain of Opiates and just want your life back?

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