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Heroin Problem Is Escalating In Delray Beach

Heroin Problem Is Escalating In Delray Beach

There has been a significant rise in heroin overdoses in just the last month in Delray Beach, and police are searching for answers as to why.

Statistics For Delray Beach Are Shocking

With 26 heroin overdoses so far in 2015, and 17 of those occurring just last month, the Delray Beach Police are wondering what they can do to stop the growing number of heroin overdoses. Of the four Delray Beach heroin related overdose deaths this year, 3 occurred just last month. And according to Delray Police Chief Jeffrey Goldman, those are just the occurrences that the police are aware of.

Police Can’t Trace Drug Sources

The police in Delray Beach are struggling to gather information that would assist them in figuring out where the heroin has been coming from as well as specific dealer and suspect information. Such information typically comes to them from the community. The problem arises when police arrive at the scene of an overdose. Other users who were present when the overdose occurred often remove evidence of drug use because they worry about the repercussions of being found in the presence of drugs and paraphernalia. When this evidence is missing, the police aren’t able to test the drugs that were used, which means they also can’t trace those drugs to their source.

Police Spot A Recent Trend

Once considered an inner-city drug, heroin is now very much a middle-class suburban drug. Chief Goldman says that there is something happening in the community that has been making more people overdose on heroin and die. Of the 4 deaths that have occurred this year, all the victims were white men who were of ages ranging from 22 to 38. Overdose victims have been found throughout Delray Beach in places such as bathrooms in gas stations and unassuming suburban homes. The recent string of overdoses are similar to a case from 2013 where heroin was laced with the powerful painkiller fentanyl. But police won’t know if this is a case of a bad batch of heroin until toxicology reports are made available for these cases.

Still More Information To Gather

Investigators want to determine if the people who are overdosing are relapsing post-recovery or if they are first-time users. This information could provide them with more insight. They are curious as to why heroin use has been growing and where users have been doing for treatment. Delray Beach Police are taking an aggressive stance on the war against heroin and are focused on stopping the heroin at the source. They are working to gain control of the drug situation in the city and work to help the users because, they say, they won’t help themselves.

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