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Some Factors of Cost for Opiate Addiction Treatment

Some Factors of Cost for Opiate Addiction Treatment

When we receive that first phone call from our prospective patients, one of questions that invariably come up is the financial one. Of course the cost of any medical treatment should be a concern for a patient, but let us look into the nuts and bolts of the economics and ethics of medicine.

In our society we are used to paying for our vices – unhealthy food and drinks, cigarettes, alcohol, drugs –that negatively affect our health both in short and long term. However when we develop the diseases that were most likely caused by our own behaviors, we expect, and often demand, that someone else, be it insurance or the government, pay for the treatment.

Yes, a lot of rehabs and treatment centers claim to be covered by insurance, but even the most comprehensive insurance coverage will cover at best 70% to 80% of total monthly cost which will run anywhere from $30,000 and up after the patient and the family cover the hefty deductibles most people have . In the end, the patient and their family will be responsible for dozens of thousands of dollars for the treatment that has high risk of relapse.

Moreover, if this is a young person who has no “record” or a professional who would like the courtesy of total confidentiality, that confidentiality will just not be available if any insurance company becomes involved in the process of your treatment. Patients may not realize that all the medical information that any insurance company (health, life or disability) ever obtains from them, will be shared forever within the world of the underwriter information and may be even available to the government information systems.

The medical treatment that is available if one has Medicaid is methadone. The preferred method if one has insurance is Suboxone. In fact most long term treatment facilities transition their patients to Suboxone. Our government and medical establishment are fighting opiate addiction crisis by placing addicts on other highly addictive substances. We can only wonder why.

We, at Advanced believe the people can be free of opiates and for years we have proven it, time after time, patient after patient. Our patients succeed if they stay with our program and at a significantly lower cost. The program is not cheap, but nothing good and important ever is. The patients who are committed to their healing and sobriety show their commitment by finding the funds or financing needed for the program.

We have had a few who have started a “GoFundMe” page to advocate for their cause and got the needed funds that way. We all know how desperate addicts get money for their DOC, so how much easier it should be to go back to family and friends with open heart and hand and say “I am ready!! This is my last stand…”

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