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Dealing with Pain After Opiate Detox


Dealing With the Pain

The thought of enduring severe pain without the assistance of pain pills is hard to imagine. For opiate users with acute or chronic pain, this situation can hold them back from seeking opiate detox and addiction treatment. When it comes to pain management, opiate addiction creates a unique set of challenges for both individuals and physicians. But it is doable. Here’s how.

Keep Your Doctors in the Loop

One way to protect your recovery is to ensure that all of your doctors know about your addiction history. The doctors who are taking care of you will be able to manage and monitor your pain and prescriptions properly when they are fully informed.

Dealing with Pain After Opiate Detox and Treatment

Utilize Non-Narcotic Medications

When your pain level gets bad enough that you need medication to control it, there are options other than narcotics. Start with non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), such as ibuprofen, which reduce inflammation. If the pain persists, opt for a non-scheduled prescription such as Neurontin.

Physical and Occupational Therapy

An often-overlooked option for those with chronic pain is physical and occupational therapy. These therapies build muscle and teach you how to move while minimizing stress, reducing pain, and strengthening areas that are prone to injury.

What to Do if You Have to Take a Narcotic

In certain circumstances, such as breaking a bone or recovering from an operation, opiate pain medication may be necessary. If this happens, take a multi-disciplinary approach, combining prescription medication with physical therapy and psychological counseling. Assess risk factors, have regular follow-ups, and enlist the help of family members to monitor the medication.

Are You in Need of Opiate Detox?

If you need help detoxing from opiates but the pain of withdrawal has held you back, call Advanced Rapid Detox at (800) 603-1813. Our quick and safe approach significantly lowers your pain experience and prepares you for opiate treatment within a few days. Contact us today to learn more.

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