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Dealing with Pain After Opiate Detox

Dealing With the Pain The thought of enduring severe pain without the assistance of pain pills is hard to imagine. For opiate users with acute or chronic pain, this situation can hold them back from seeking opiate detox and addiction treatment. When it comes to pain management, opiate addiction creates a unique set of challenges

Sep 08, 2016 Dr. Julia Aharonov

Recognizing the Signs of Opiate Addiction

Recognizing the Signs of Opiate Addiction in Someone You Love One of the fastest growing problems in America today is opiate addiction, which includes addiction to prescription painkillers such as oxycodone and morphine as well as illicit substances such as heroin. Over the last few decades, abuse of these drugs has skyrocketed, and there are

Sep 06, 2016 Dr. Julia Aharonov

3 Behavior Traits of A Drug Addict

 3 Behavior Traits of A Drug Addict   Written by someone with a family member whose an addict …      When someone you love is addicted, the truth is very hard to face. It’s not easy to view your drug addict son or spouse in a less than positive light. You’re not alone in

Aug 09, 2016 Dr. Julia Aharonov

Some Factors of Cost for Opiate Addiction Treatment

When we receive that first phone call from our prospective patients, one of questions that invariably come up is the financial one. Of course the cost of any medical treatment should be a concern for a patient, but let us look into the nuts and bolts of the economics and ethics of medicine.   In

May 26, 2016 Dr. Julia Aharonov

The Opiate Epidemic is Finally Receiving National Recognition

As so many families and friends of victims know all too well, opioid abuse has penetrated every corner of the country – white, black, and latino; rich, middle class, and poor; young and old. Whereas heroin was once a taboo drug that evoked fear and revulsion, years of the over-prescription of painkillers like Vicodin and

Feb 01, 2016 Dr. Julia Aharonov

Fentanyl Laced Heroin in America

Fentanyl is Causing Deaths in America & Here’s Why … The Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) recently issued a nationwide alert in response to a surge in deaths associated with overdose of heroin laced with the narcotic drug fentanyl. Fentanyl is the most potent opioid available for medical use and according to the DEA. Fentanyl is potentially

Sep 23, 2015 Dr. Julia Aharonov

Why Traditional Opiate Withdrawal Methods Are Usually Not Successful

The growing number of opiate addicts in the US has led experts to declare opiate abuse an epidemic in our country. Addicts who are considering ways to detox from their opiate addiction face several challenges including the lack of qualified physicians to properly support their detox, lack of beds in treatment centers, and the inability

Sep 16, 2015 Dr. Julia Aharonov

Heroin Problem Is Escalating In Delray Beach

There has been a significant rise in heroin overdoses in just the last month in Delray Beach, and police are searching for answers as to why. Statistics For Delray Beach Are Shocking With 26 heroin overdoses so far in 2015, and 17 of those occurring just last month, the Delray Beach Police are wondering what

Jul 24, 2015 Dr. Julia Aharonov
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