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Advanced Rapid Detox


Advanced Rapid Detox is a division of Pontiac General Hospital and operated by Dr. Julia Aharonov, a board-certified Anesthesiologist. Her mission is to provide the very best drug addiction recovery treatment and aftercare for people afflicted with opiate addiction. Now, you can finally enjoy a second chance at being free from opiate dependence in their intensive care facility with sedation assisted opiate detox performed by knowledgeable and experienced physicians.

Meet the Doctor

Dr. Julia Aharonov – DO
Board Certified AnesthesiologistHour Detroit Top Doc List 2015

Dr. Aharonov holds a cum laude degree with Honors in Psychology from Drew University in Madison, NJ; Doctorate in Medicine from University of Medicine and Dentistry New Jersey-SOM; completed her Anesthesia residency at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor in August 2000, and has been board certified by the American Board of Anesthesiology since April 2001 and re-certified until December of 2021. Dr. Aharonov has practiced extensively in both hospital and outpatient facilities and has vast experience in all aspects of general, trauma, orthopedic, thoracic, vascular, obstetric, ocular, plastic, regional, and outpatient anesthesia.  Dr. Aharonov has been involved in addiction medicine, particularly rapid detox under sedation, since 2007.  She has investigated, perfected and created rapid detox protocols unique to Advanced.  She serves as an expert on the Substance Addiction forum on and blogs extensively about her advice and experiences.

Dr. Aharonov is truly an expert in the field of sedation assisted rapid opiate drug detox treatment.

Safe & Effective Opiate Detox

By carefully selecting our patients, we can increase the safety, improve the outcome, and reduce the cost of the opiate detox treatment. Patients are screened with utmost care to establish medical and psychological fitness and readiness for a safe detox. Those who need additional examinations, such as stress-echo tests, will be directed to do so prior to the procedure. This reassures patients of a safe, successful, and effective outcome. We are dedicated to our practice and loyal to our patients. Nowhere in the United States or Canada will you find a sedation opiate detox program safer and more effective than ours.

Unique, Individualized Addiction Treatment

dr. j. aharonov

The Advanced opiate detox treatment is unique since our board certified doctors have individualized and perfected the techniques to meet the specific needs of each patient. Our exceptional procedure also entails hydrating the body, replenishing vitamins, and correcting electrolyte deficiencies.

We specialize in sedation assisted rapid detox for all opiates, but we can also assist patients dependent on benzodiazepines to wean off of their dependency post-discharge. Since the process of weaning off benzodiazepines can take up to eight weeks, we do offer advice and keep in touch with our patients to help them succeed throughout their rehabilitation.

The safe detox available at Advanced has been so carefully constructed because our primary goal is to promote healthy lifestyles, one patient at a time.

The Best Opioid Detox Center in the United States helping patients end their addictions. Specializing in heroin detox, suboxone detox and all other opiate drug addictions. Call us today and get your life back!
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